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Why Hire an Architectural Design Firm for Your Home Renovation

Choosing a residential architectural design firm is a decision that should be taken seriously. Ask yourself the following questions: – ‘Why do I need to hire such a company’? ‘What should I hire them to do?’ It is also essential to understand the range of services and advice that can be provided.

The company you choose to go with will be the guiding light behind your home renovation project, providing you professional advice and even helping you keep your target budget and project on track.

One misconception is that when you hire an architectural firm to design a home renovation scheme, their job stops the moment they turn over the finished plans to the homeowners or builders. This is not the case.

Here at Home Planning SW, we can be hired to oversee the entire project. We can create a custom plan specific to your needs for either a new dwelling or redesigning and expanding the existing structure through a combination of creativity and technical skills.

We provide a range of services for clients within Bristol and the Southwest area. From start to finish we listen to your needs and wants, ensuring our clients are 100% happy with the designs for their project. After all it is your home and you have to live in it.

Get in touch with us today for a free, non-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Steven Moyse
Steven Moyse
My name is Steven Moyse and I own Home Planning SW, I am a professional architectural designer who has 6 years experience in construction drawing and during that time I have had hundreds of successful applications. Since I began, my local area of Bristol has improved and benefited from many of my projects.


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