Ways to Cut Down the Cost of House Extension in Bristol

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Ways to Cut Down the Cost of House Extension in Bristol

The cost of a house extension project isn’t always cheap. However it is an investment into you and your family’s future, as should you decide to sell you could increase the value of your home.

There are many different factors that should be taken into consideration when it comes to extending your house and many practical ways that you can ensure your extension plans can become a reality and stay within your budget.

Hire a professional and avoid mistakes.

Hiring a professional to design the plans, tailored to your specific needs and using their technical expertise, especially those who can lead the whole extension project, from planning and design to execution, will avoid any unnecessary mistakes or extra costs.

A registered architectural consultant or skilled designer can come up with floorplans that can complement the existing layout of your house within your budget and comply with building regulations. It is also highly recommended to hire a professional if you wish to extend a listed home.

Staying within your means and ensuring your extension meets your needs.

Designing a large project which doesn’t meet your required or desired needs, could mean you end up spending more than your intended budget and the result being something bigger and more elaborate then you wished for.

Research and compare.

Doing your homework can go a long way and plenty of research on the cost of house extension in Bristol will help you stretch your hard-earned money and could save you hundreds of pounds.

Asking plenty of questions to ensure you have all the relevant information you required to make the decision on moving your project forward, and make you feel involved in every step of the way.

Steven Moyse
Steven Moyse
My name is Steven Moyse and I own Home Planning SW, I am a professional architectural designer who has 6 years experience in construction drawing and during that time I have had hundreds of successful applications. Since I began, my local area of Bristol has improved and benefited from many of my projects.


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