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  • Survey

    We gather all the information about your house with photos and dimensioned layouts

  • Initial Ideas

    Within 7 days you will get initial ideas in your inbox.

  • Full Plans & Elevations

    Full detailed plans and elevations, so that you can clearly see what new space you will have in your home and what it will look like in the built environment

  • Submit Application

    Once you are happy, we will submit the application to your Local Authority.

  • Decision

    Usually 8 – 12 weeks after submission we will be notified of the decision.


We transform your ideas into your dream home. We listen to what you want to achieve by developing your home. We study the diagram you might have scribbled on the back of an envelope. We add our ideas to your own and between us, produce a project plan that both meets your objectives and stands the best chance of winning planning approval. Our architectural designs take your ideas and give them structure in a format that is readily understood by the profession – whether that’s the panel that approves your application, or the builder who will be laying the bricks on site. After you review the floor plans, we make any edits you require, then draw the elevations. Only when you’re happy, we submit the project for planning permission, address any concerns the committee raises and do our utmost to ensure your planning application is successful. Then? You can break ground and build it for real…

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