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Building Regulations Uncovered – Part 1

Building regulations are the standards that apply to new building work including alterations to existing houses.

What do they cover?

Regulating building standards is to ensure the quality of building work/alterations. They control health & hygiene, safety, welfare, convenience, energy – efficiency and sustainability. Information on what is covered and the standards required for England and Wales are defined in the approved documents, which cover the 14 parts of the building regulations and provide details of how to comply.

Your project will have to comply with the following documents, which are recognised by lettered parts:

Part A – Structure
Part B – Fire Safety
Part C – Contamination and damp
Part D – Toxicity
Part E – Sound
Part F – Ventilation
Part G – Hygiene
Part H – Drainage
Part J – Fuel
Part K – On-site Safety
Part L– Conservation of Fuel and Power
Part M – Access
Part N – Glazing
Part P – Electrics

How do the regulations affect home improvements?

Building regulations cover all the aspects of construction including foundations and underpinning, the overall stability of the building, damp-proofing, insulation, ventilation, heating and fire prevention including a means of escape in case of a fire.

All extensions and conversions require a building regulations approval.

Meeting building regulations is a legal requirement for any individual or organisation carrying out building work. Failure to meet these obligations is a criminal offence and could lead to prosecution, if you undertake work without getting it approved, this may also make the property difficult to sell on in the future should you choose to.

Do I have to use the local authority building control?

Compliance with building regulations is undertaken by building control, which includes approved inspectors in the private sector as well as the local authority building control department. It is your choice which service you choose to use and both have fees that apply.

Who produces the information required?

To be able to produce the information required to demonstrate compliance with the building regulations by producing drawings with annotations of correct standards, this is likely to require a structural engineer to provide the calculations for foundations, roof design and any other structural alterations.

If you are a homeowner or a contractor looking for help with these drawings then please contact myself or a member of my team and will be able to discuss this further with you.

Watch this space Part 2 coming soon which will provide information on how to apply and the process for applying for building control approval.

Steve Moyse

Steven Moyse
Steven Moyse
My name is Steven Moyse and I own Home Planning SW, I am a professional architectural designer who has 6 years experience in construction drawing and during that time I have had hundreds of successful applications. Since I began, my local area of Bristol has improved and benefited from many of my projects.


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